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UCI offers full service fabrication of all stone slabs. Our state of the art CNC  Equipment combined with well versed fabricators ensure accuracy and precision when it comes to meeting project specifications and producing volumes and craftsmanship combined at standards that meet or exceed clients’ expectations. Each slab goes through three levels of inspections:

Pre-Fabrication inspection: Before putting through production each slab is inspected for imperfections and demages, ensuringthere are no defects in the stone that would be unacceptable in the finish product and will prevent loss of valuable time to completion.

In-line inspection: Ensures any demage to the slab that may cause a failed installation due to imperfections or may cause warranty issues for our clients., such slabs are identified during fabrication for proper replacements or further treatment.

Final inspection: Finally the slabs are inspected for accuracy according to order forms from our clients and checked for issues that may have been caused due to mobilization or human errors. Each slab is marked and signed by our QC managers before being shipped to the jobsite.

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